[OS X TeX] Fonts and PSNFSS

Will Robertson will at mecheng.adelaide.edu.au
Sat Jun 12 09:54:39 CEST 2004

On 12 Jun 2004, at 3:18 PM, Alain Schremmer wrote:

> (1) Both the lw35nfss and the freefss Folders contain a Fonts folder 
> in which there is a tfm and a vf folder and I assume this means that I 
> should create ~/Library/Fonts/*tfm* and ~/Library/Fonts/*vf* and put 
> the contents together therein.

Not quite. Check out the texfmf.tetex tree 
(/usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/ --- use the "Go to Folder..." in 
the Finder's Go menu and type /usr/ and just browse from there in) and 
mirror that in your ~/Library/texmf/ local tree: In your case you want 
to create the folder ~/Library/texmf/fonts/ and put everything in there

> (2) Similarly, they both contain  tex/latex/psnfss so that I should 
> create the texmf/tex/latex/*psnfss* folder and put the contents 
> together therein.


> (3) Installing the PSNFSS macro packages
>    ------------------------------------
>    Copy the files
>    to a directory where you keep documented LaTeX sources.
>    In a TDS-compliant system this should be the directory
>      texmf/*source*/latex/psnfss/ .
>    Run LaTeX on the installation script psfonts.ins to create
>    the package (.sty) files.  Move them to a directory where
>    LaTeX will find them.  In a TDS-compliant system this should
>    be the directory
>      texmf/tex/latex/psnfss/ .
> In ~/Library/texmf, there already are two folders, doc and tex. Does 
> this mean that I have to create a folder, 
> ~/Library/texmf/*source/*latex/psnfss in which to copy the above 
> files?

If you have the .sty file, that's really all you need. I'd just put it 
all into ~/Library/texmf/tex/latex/psnfss/psfonts/ and delete the other 
stuff later if necessary.

> (4) Fonts required for PSNFSS
>    -------------------------
>    The "Base 35" fonts
>      Free substitutes for the commercial PostScript Base fonts
>      are available from the CTAN directory fonts/urw/base35.
> Here the pfb.zip gives *pub*/tex/fonts//urw//base35/pfb/a whole lot of 
> files. Where do I create *pub*?

My best advice is to try and mirror the folder stucture of texmf.tetex.

> (5) Type1 Font files
> Here, say, the charter.zip gives gives pub/tex/fonts//charter//a whole 
> lot of files. Should I put the  /charter/ folder alongside the /urw/ 
> folder inside the *pub*/tex/fonts folder?

The way the fonts folder is set up is:

.../fonts/<font file type>/<font foundry>/<font name>/

So since .pfb files are postscript *Type 1* fonts, they go in

If those pfb files made by Bitstream, say, then they'd go in
.../fonts/type1/bitstrea/...      (name truncated to 8 characters)

If the name of the font is Charter, then they pfb files would go in

You should find these folders in
since Charter is installed by default.

> (6) Finally,
>    Consult the documentation of your TeX system, how to install font
>    map files for dvips and pdfTeX!
> I read the TeXshop help but it doesn't seem to be involved with fonts. 
> What is? All I care is pdf.

If you've installed the TeX documentation with i-Installer, then you 
might like to read fnguide:

I've probably left some stuff out. There are people here that know more 
about font installations than me...


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