[OS X TeX] Fonts and PSNFSS

Alain Schremmer Schremmer.Alain at verizon.net
Sat Jun 12 07:48:58 CEST 2004

Somebody on wintel gave me a file which, when I tried to typeset it, 
required pifont. After doing a bit of homework, I downloaded all that 
was required by *PSNFSS 9.1b -- Installation instructions*. Then I came 
to the following

    Installing the virtual fonts, metrics and .fd files
    Obtain the archive files* lw35nfss*.zip and *freenfss*.zip from
    CTAN:macros/latex/required/psnfss. If the file system layout of your
    TeX system complies with TDS, unzip them in the texmf root directory
    (usually named texmf) of your TeX system; all files will be unpacked
    into the right directories then.  Otherwise you have to sort out
    manually the files from the .zip archives and copy them to the
    appropriate directories of your TeX system.

Not knowing what TDS was, I chose the manual route but before I actually 
do something stupid I would like to check whether what I think I ought 
to do is correct.

(1) Both the lw35nfss and the freefss Folders contain a Fonts folder in 
which there is a tfm and a vf folder and I assume this means that I 
should create ~/Library/Fonts/*tfm* and ~/Library/Fonts/*vf* and put the 
contents together therein.

(2) Similarly, they both contain  tex/latex/psnfss so that I should 
create the texmf/tex/latex/*psnfss* folder and put the contents together 

(3) Installing the PSNFSS macro packages


    Copy the files


    to a directory where you keep documented LaTeX sources.
    In a TDS-compliant system this should be the directory

      texmf/*source*/latex/psnfss/ .

    Run LaTeX on the installation script psfonts.ins to create
    the package (.sty) files.  Move them to a directory where
    LaTeX will find them.  In a TDS-compliant system this should
    be the directory

      texmf/tex/latex/psnfss/ .

In ~/Library/texmf, there already are two folders, doc and tex. Does 
this mean that I have to create a folder, 
~/Library/texmf/*source/*latex/psnfss in which to copy the above files?

    The latter step is executed automagically by the installation
    script, provided that your DocStrip program has been configured
    appropriately and the target directory exists already.

I don't know what my DocStrip program is but I already ran LaTeX on a 
.ins file so it ought to work here too.

(4) Fonts required for PSNFSS


    The "Base 35" fonts
      Free substitutes for the commercial PostScript Base fonts
      are available from the CTAN directory fonts/urw/base35.

Here the pfb.zip gives *pub*/tex/fonts//urw//base35/pfb/a whole lot of 
files. Where do I create *pub*?

(5) Type1 Font files

Here, say, the charter.zip gives gives pub/tex/fonts//charter//a whole 
lot of files. Should I put the  /charter/ folder alongside the /urw/ 
folder inside the *pub*/tex/fonts folder?

(6) Finally,

    Consult the documentation of your TeX system, how to install font
    map files for dvips and pdfTeX!

I read the TeXshop help but it doesn't seem to be involved with fonts. 
What is? All I care is pdf.

I am sorry to be a real pain but, this time, I really looked around 
first. Of course, I could try it and if it didn't work just trash 
everything and restart from scratch. It wouldn't be a very big deal but ...


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