[OS X TeX] (Mis)adventures of a TIC

Alain Schremmer Schremmer.Alain at verizon.net
Fri Jun 4 22:18:12 CEST 2004

The following is just for your /entertainment/: TIC = 

As you might recall, because I had placed TeXstuff here and there on my 
HD when first installing TeXshop, and even though everything was working 
fine, I thought I would do a bit of HD cleaning. After that, though, 
"it" /then/ couldn't find ntheorem.

Then, before I had time re-installing it following Voisin's 
instructions, I started getting the following message when wanting to 

    *Can't find required tool*
    /usr/local/teTeX/bin/powerpc-apple-darwin-current/xelatex does not
    exist.  Is one of the tool paths configured incorrectly?

So, since I knew it was real easy, I decided just to do a clean install. 
I trashed any /folder/ that had tex in it and emptied the trash. Then I 
installed TeXshop following the instructions on the site, creating 
folders as needed. It felt real good.
Then, I started TeXshop and then, not quite unexpectedly, I noticed that 
it still had my Open Recent files. Must be some preference file buried 
somewhere. Not to worry.
Opened last file I worked on. Looks the way I left it.
Tried to typeset it.
Same message as above!!!

Don't panic. think.
Then, I remembered that Slater, à propos RPN2LaTeX, had suggested the 
following Path setting in the Engine preferences


I changed the path.
Same message as above

Started screaming for help.
Then, I remembered that somewhere along the line before the not so clean 
install, I had i-installed the XeTeX from sil.org thinking I /had/ to. 
(/Why/ I thought I had to now beats me.)
So, I went back to TeXshop preferences and, sure enough, I found 
something about Xelatex so I reset the Default values everywhere.
It works!

I am so damned smart, sometimes it aches.

I have a question though: Where could I read something that might help 
me understand what happened and avoid this kind of mistake in the 
future. Would it be in The Latex Companion? (I haven't got it yet but 
will real soon now.) Or should I just forget about it, not do anything 
like installing teTeX and/or resetting the Default values whenevcr 
something bad happens?
Regards to all.
--schremmer TIC
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