[OS X TeX] Missing symbols after epstopdf

Matthew Collett m.collett at auckland.ac.nz
Fri Jul 16 05:13:47 CEST 2004

On Thursday, July 15, 2004, at 06:50  pm, Maarten Sneep wrote:

>> There is a Symbol.dfont in System/Library/Fonts and in 
>> teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/fonts there are /afm/adobe/symbol, 
>> /afm/urw/symbol, /tfm/adobe/symbol, /tfm/cg/symbol and 
>> /type1/urw/symbol.  Surely at least one of these could be persuaded 
>> do the job?  I'd be happy to burrow into the .eps files and edit the 
>> font name if that was what was needed: they currently just say 
>> "%%DocumentFonts: Symbol ".
> The urw symbol name is certainly different, and that is the only real 
> font you have (the type 1 font, afm files are just the metrics, you 
> don't need them, the tfm files are metrics, tex needs them). It is the 
> combination that makes it hard. an automated way is preferred.

Sorry, you've lost me: the combination of what with what?  (And of 
course, when I say "burrow into the .eps files" I really mean "perform 
a multi-file Search-Replace", not changing things by hand!)

> - use ps2eps to get the sizes correct (this will take care of the 
> bounding box).

Aha, this is the missing link.  Thank you.  This time round I have 
succumbed to time pressure and just printed the document in question 
from the old machine, but it won't be here forever, so when I get a 
chance I shall try this.

Best wishes,
Matthew Collett

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