[OS X TeX] FAQ or Archive

Stephan Hochhaus stephan at yauh.de
Thu Jul 15 14:35:23 CEST 2004

Hello list-people :)

>> Hm, I saw "list guidelines" and never went further.  I suppose it was 
>> obvious but it wouldn't hurt to put "FAQ" in there.  Perhaps 
>> replacing the word information.
> I think "information, and LaTeX/TeX resources" covers it. We could 
> also list documents, descriptions of packages, historical information, 
> introductions, and printed documents. The FAQ is actually just a link 
> off the page that this list is 'presented' on.
Didn't we go through this dscussion a little while back already? I 
remember most people liked the signature "as-is" because it gives you 
the essential info needed and it's not too bloated.
I am one of those people that never take a look at the obvious places 
when trying to get information, this time the obvious place would be 
the MacOS X TeX/LaTeX Web Site, so I guess even a hint at the archives 
and link to the FAQ (which is merely covering a fraction of what gets 
posted here) would probably not be sufficient to point people to the 
right directions most of the time.


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