[OS X TeX] opening files with hyperref?

chip brock brock at pa.msu.edu
Mon May 27 18:38:46 CEST 2002


I wondered if anyone knows how to do this?

Using hyperref, I can nicely open pdf files to windows of a particular size
by having prepared the target pdf file by modifying the Open Options of
Document Properties and then using \href to link to that modified pdf file.
What I would _really_ like to do is use \href (or equivalent) to open an
*html* file to a window of a particular size. Of course, I can imbed a
changeScreenSize javascript inside the target file and that works fine with

Both of these methods require me to prepare the target file, pdf or html,
beforehand. I'd like to issue a command to open the html file to a specific
size from within the LaTeX - like I could if I was defining the link within
an html file: there, I would initiate a javascript action attached to the
hyperlink to open to a particular window size and to particular attributes
(scroll, etc). 

But, is there any way to do the equivalent thing from a command originating
in LaTeX through pdf? I think that javascripts can be run within pdfs, but
it doesn't seem that this fits here...


Raymond Brock  *  Professor of Physics

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Michigan State University  *  East Lansing, MI  48824

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