[OS X TeX] [ANN] BibDesk 0.71 beta released - medium-sized update

Michael McCracken michael_mccracken at mac.com
Mon May 27 05:03:45 CEST 2002

0.71b is now available at http://www.cs.ucsd.edu/~mmccrack/bibdesk.html

0.71 has a bunch of fixes to small bugs that were caught right after I 
released 0.7, and a couple of features that kept me from releasing just 
the bug fixes.

Here's some of the changes (from the release notes):
    - Notes
        - Abstract is actually saved now
        - tex binary path is actually used now
        - preview window remembers if it was showing now
        - now multiple entries can be dragged around.
        - you can peek in on the first page of a PDF file to make sure you
          spell things right.
        - you can change the font the browser uses
        - you can change whether you see just the annote or the whole bib
          in the preview
        - you can clear the quick-search field (handy)
        - there is an auto-check for updates feature now.
        - can drag a file from the finder and have it create a new pub
        - drag a file to a pub edit window and it will set the local-url
        - drag a URL (say, from web browser) and it'll set the Url field.
        - drag one pub onto another and it will set the empty fields
            - specifically, it sets the fields that exist, and are empty -
              or the fields that don't exist and aren't empty in the
              dragged pub.
        - some important efficiency and memory leak fixes
        - opening non ASCII filenames now works (like ~/bib ƒ/foo.bib)

I've remembered that I'd like to thank these people, though a great 
number of people have helped by pointing out bugs and offering 
    - Kaspar Pflugshaupt
    - Tom Stace
    - Michael Forrest
    - Fredrik Wallenberg
    - Patrick Lorch
    - Alexander Mehlmann
    - Theodore Garagounis
    - Marcelo LaFleur
    - Yan Wong

Thanks again to all these and the others who've sent email.

As always, please continue to send bug reports and other feedback to 
michael_mccracken at mac.com.


Michael McCracken
michael_mccracken at mac.com

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