[OS X TeX] Greek letters in non math mode (again)

Serge Cohen cohen at embl-grenoble.fr
Wed May 22 13:06:16 CEST 2002

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I send this email a week ago, no anwser yet, any body having a single 
clue is very welcome... And if you think of a better list to send the 
question, I'd be happy to do it.

Thanks in advance.


> Hi;
> I want to be able to type greek letters in a non-math environment, and 
> to get the letter in the same font as the rest of the paragraph (I'm 
> using letters like mu, beta...).
> In the mean time, I want to keep the standard math font the usual one 
> (different from text font).
> For the moment I was giving a couple of tries with the font 
> RotisSemiSans (pr3).
> Using nfssfont.tex I checked that some of the fonts include the desired 
> symbols (say I'm looking for mu):
> mu can be found in pr3r8r for example (along with all the "normal" 
> characters). I also find it in pr3r8c but this one doesn't contain any 
> roman letter, and pr3r8t contain roman character with all sort of 
> accent, cedille... but not much symbols.
> In short:
> I would like to make a command (ie \mu) calling the proper character 
> (B4) of the police typed 8r.
> Even better would it be to have it recognised by the applemac input 
> encoding.
> Any help  much welcomed.
> Serge.

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