[OS X TeX] Feature suggestion

David Wagner wagner at math.uh.edu
Thu May 16 15:55:48 CEST 2002

One feature I would really like to see in TeXShop, or any other TeX-editing
tool, is a quicker way to change an existing \begin{} \end{} environment
>from one environment to another.

For example,

...math stuff...


...math stuff...

Other changes that occur when editing a paper are: {align} to/from
{alignat}, {gathered} to/from  {split}, {itemize} to/from {enumerate} or

Is is reasonable to ask the editing software to recognize that a change is
being made to a \begin{}, find the matching \end{}, and make the same change
there?  Of course we would not want this to interfere with the creation of a
\begin{}\end{} pair, nor would we want it to mess up the content inside an
existing environment.

Does any existing tool do this?

David Wagner


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