[OS X TeX] Adobe fonts and CM

Xoán Pedracova xpedra at com.uvigo.es
Tue May 28 17:13:30 CEST 2002

	Hi everybody.

	Thank you for your quick reply. Apologize me  if I wasn't  too 
specific.  I've been giving it another try and I think I've finally got 
it. My problem was  I put the new fonts in the texmf.local directory, as 
Gerben  recommends. But this way, dvips can't find the CMF  files 
because they are laid in the texmf tree and  latex tries to build a 
bitmapped set which are dot displayed well in pdf, am I  right? Then, I  
put all the vf, tfm, pfb, fd and the pad.confg in the original texmf 
and  modified and run again updmap. This way, things work, but the next 
update I do, I possibly will overwrite my fonts. What I would like to do 
is to keep the new fonts, say AGaramond,  in the texmf.local and be able 
to load the pfb Computer Modern Fonts instead of making the bitmapped 
ones  every time I have to run pdflatex. Otherwise, I'd have to copy the 
entire texmf tree to texmf.local which seems to be a very dirt trick. 
Does this in any way  have to do with the mathtime & book.cls thread 
>from May 18 to  20 in this list?

	 English is not one of my strongs. I hope to be more clear this time.

	Thanks again.


On Tuesday, May 28, 2002, at 03:51 PM, Michael Betsch wrote:

> On Tue, 28 May 2002, Xoán Pedracova wrote:
>> 	Hi everybody.
>> 	Possibly, this has been dealt  here before but, is there any way to
>> combine computer modern fonts and the adobe postscript  ones without 
>> bad
>> displaying? I'm trying to produce  a master thesis with teTeX in MacOSX
>> and the Adobe Garamond font as default roman. Following the  given 
>> hints
>> in this list a few weeks ago I got it installed, but I've noticed the
>> mathsyms I need to  use aren't displayed well, I guess this happens
>> because they are computer modern fonts and I have  to comment the 
>> updmap
>> file as follows. Am I wrong?
>> #lw35=urw-kb             # URW fonts (download type1 files using Berry
>> names)
>> # lw35=urw-urw          # URW fonts (download type1 files using URW
>> names)
>> lw35=adobe-kb         # Adobe fonts (download type1 files using Berry
>> names)
> This is probably not the solution. The lines quoted concern only 
> Standard
> PostScript fonts (those that reside in the printer). Computer Modern 
> fonts
> are not affected by these lines. Could you prepare a minimal file that
> shows your problem? Are you calling any unusual math fonts?
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