[OS X TeX] using garamond?

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Fri Jul 5 22:31:45 CEST 2002

Adrian said:
> Adobe are converting their entire type library to Open Type and no 
> one (!!) knows how to use Open Type with LateX---no one even knows what 
> kind of reencoding will be required. So get the fonts before it becomes 
> impossible to get them.

Adobe has been (relatively) easy-going on this, based on anecdotal 
evidence, and has allowed one to back-rev from an OpenType font to the 
normal version upon request.

pdfTeX does support OpenType fonts (those which use TrueType outlines), so 
this really should be a thing which can be extended fairly easily. Bakoma 
TeX purports to support OpenType as well.

For my part, I've suggested in the past that a Mac OS X-specific pdfTeX 
extension should be done to support ATSUI fonts, and suspect that if such 
were done it'd be easy to adapt that to OpenType.


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