[OS X TeX] Fonts and pdfs with graphicx

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Tue Jul 30 16:54:22 CEST 2002

Le mardi 30 juillet 2002, à 04:38 , David Oliver a écrit :

> pdf graphics in Adobe pdf format managed with graphicx, even with fonts
> included, are displayed in pdftex (teTeX on OS X) with default fonts.
> (Putting an alias of the home library fonts folder in /library/texmf 
> does
> not solve this problem.) Moreover, these documents will not print on a
> Brother 1650 postscript printer though they will print on an Epson 1280
> inkjet, but the type, in this case, prints with box-like artifacts. The
> documents will print on the postscrpt printer if graphics are not 
> included.
> Diagnoses and cures?

- Did you set the software producing the PDF graphics so that the font 
used (except perhaps the classical LaserWriter 35: Times, Helvetica, 
Courier, Zapf Dingbats etc.) are included within the PDF graphic file?

- Did you try visualizing and printing the PDF file produced by pdfTeX 
using Acrobat Reader instead of the previewer built-in within TeXShop 
(assuming you're using TeXShop)? This previewer, more or less a subset 
of Apple's Preview.app, inherits bugs from the Quartz graphic engine 
included in OS X.

- Did you try opening both PDF files (the graphic file and the pdfTeX 
file) in Acrobat Reader, and see the list of included fonts it returns 
(using Document Properties/Fonts)?

Bruno Voisin

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