[OS X TeX] Fonts and pdfs with graphicx

David Oliver daoliver at swva.net
Wed Jul 31 04:01:03 CEST 2002

on 7/30/02 8:00 PM, "Bruno Voisin" <Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr> wrote:

> - Did you set the software producing the PDF graphics so that the font
> used (except perhaps the classical LaserWriter 35: Times, Helvetica,
> Courier, Zapf Dingbats etc.) are included within the PDF graphic file?

Graphics were created both in TeXShop from epss and in Illustrator with and
without fonts embedded. In all cases, TeXShop substituted Courier in the
typeset result.

> - Did you try visualizing and printing the PDF file produced by pdfTeX
> using Acrobat Reader instead of the previewer built-in within TeXShop
> (assuming you're using TeXShop)? This previewer, more or less a subset
> of Apple's Preview.app, inherits bugs from the Quartz graphic engine
> included in OS X.

The typeset pdf will not print on a postcript printer from TeXShop. It will
print from Acrobat, but with substituted fonts.
> - Did you try opening both PDF files (the graphic file and the pdfTeX
> file) in Acrobat Reader, and see the list of included fonts it returns
> (using Document Properties/Fonts)?

The computer modern embedded fonts are there--and the Courier substitution.

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