[Mac OS X TeX] Font Wish

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Wed Feb 13 15:13:27 CET 2002

Adrian said:
>Wish lists are all the rage at the moment, so here is another one.
>A font installer with a simple Mac-like user interface, preferably
>drag and drop.

I don't really see the need for yet another tool here---in the past on
NeXTstep, font installation was quite adequately handled by bundling up
the fonts and necessary files in a .pkg and using Installer.app to
manage them (see the Computer Modern and AMS Type 1 .font bundles on

(I'll pass on the rant 'bout Installer.app in Mac OS X being broken
'cause Apple used pax instead of gnutar)

So, all one need do here is provide a ``support'' .pkg which goes with
(an already installed for those not freely distributable) font and
provides the .tfm and .vf files and additions to the various .maps

I'll close by merely noting that if a Mac OS X TeX were set up to be
like to TeX/GX, and able to directly use the native (ATSUI) font formats
this'd then become a moot point (for those would could content
themselves with using HoeflerText, AppleChancery, Skia and Zapfino ;)
Actually, one could then argue that the proper way to install a font for
Mac OS X TeX would then be to open it up with the tools available from
fonts.apple.com and add the necessary support tables for ATSUI


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