[Mac OS X TeX] Including PDF graphics - bounding boxes

Maarten Sneep sneep at nat.vu.nl
Wed Feb 20 14:26:50 CET 2002

On 20-Feb-02 Sam Broderick wrote:
#  This has been discussed already, but I tried epstopdf with the -hires option
#  for both an EPSF of a graph produced by Igor and a PS via MacOS X print
#  dialogue. This gives me a full page PDF, but I don't want the page boundary!
#  In addition the legend is incorrectly colored beige. Directly via MacOS X
#  print dialogue gives the legend properly but again with a page boundary.
#  How do I get just the image?


I tried the following sequence (from the command-line)

take the full-page ps file and push it though


This will give you an eps with inline preview (in postscript comments, so
programs don't usually see it)

This epsi file can then be processed by epstopdf, giving a nicely cropped pdf

BTW, I never had any problems with eps created by Igor, try to swich off the
preview option when creating the eps. I don't use the -hires option for
epstopdf, maybe that helps too.

Maarten Sneep

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Maarten Sneep
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