[Mac OS X TeX] Fink, system-tetex, and latex2html

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Mon Feb 18 09:31:30 CET 2002

On Monday, February 18, 2002, at 03:14 , Martin Costabel wrote:

> BTW, Fink has another latex-to-html translator "tex4ht" that works for 
> me.

For what it is worth: tex4ht is also part of the current TeX.dmg.

[dumbledore:~] gerben% tex4ht
tex4ht.c (2002-01-24-14:47)
--- error --- improper command line
tex4ht [-f<dir char>]in-file[.dvi]
    [-h(e|f|g|s|v|V)]   trace: e-errors/warnings, f-htf,  g-groups
                               s-specials, v-env, V-env search
    [-P(*|<filter>)]     permission for system calls: *-always, filter
    [-xs]           ms-dos file names for automatically generated gifs


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