[Mac OS X TeX] emacs 21.1 and teTex

Thierry Ramond thierry.ramond at math.u-psud.fr
Tue Feb 12 18:45:21 CET 2002

Hi folks.

I have tried today to walk on the Unix side: I have found Emacs 21.1 on 
the web and it seems to work nicely on my IbookFW+OsX.1.2. But when I 
wanted to compile my Tex file, I obtained a

[localhost:~/Documents/Encours/CaRa] thierry% latex \\nonstopmode\\input 
latex: Command not found.

or  a

[localhost:~/Documents/Encours/CaRa] thierry% altpdflatex 
\\nonstopmode\\input MagnSch.tex
altpdflatex: Command not found.

Notice that I have managed to change the default shell setting from zsh 
to tcsh, and that I was also able to change the Latex Run command.(Am I 
a Unix geek?)

Anyway I didn't succeed. Help!

Many Thanks, in particular to G.W., R.K, J.L, M.M.

P.S. I have had problems too with cocoaspell. At this moment, I don't 
have any spelling checker at all: I may have removed too many things... 
I want my OS 9 back!

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