[Mac OS X TeX] OzTeX 5.0b7 -- yet another teTeX/gs shell :)

Benji Fisher fisherbb at bc.edu
Fri Feb 8 22:30:05 CET 2002

On Sunday, January 20, 2002, at 07:44 PM, Andrew Trevorrow wrote:

> All you OzTeX deserters (yes, I know who you are :)) might like to
> try the latest beta release:
>    ftp://ftp.trevorrow.com/beta/oztex5b7.sit  (1.2Mb)
> [snip]

      OK, I am a deserter.  I have a powerful text editor (Vim) and I 
have teTeX (thanks to Gerben Wierda), so what I really need is a 
previewer.  OzTeX has a lot of features I like:  click to magnify, space 
to page down, lots of other keyboard shortcuts.

      I have two questions about upgrading from OzTeX 4.0 on Mac OS 8.x 
to OzTeX 5.0 on Mac OS X:

1. How do I set the text editor?  I am now using the Carbon version of 
Vim for OS X.  Dragging the icon onto the "Show Apps" joblet does not 
seem to work.  If recompiling Vim will help, I can do that.

2. I tried to follow your advice and add

    current_app = OzTeX
    ps_folders = $c your-os8/9-disk:System:Fonts:

to my config file, replacing "your-os8/9-disk" with ":Volumes:OS 9 disk" 
but OzTeX complained whether or not I put "\" before the spaces.  What 
is the right way to do this?

					--Benji Fisher

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