[Mac OS X TeX] huge digests full of dreck

Johann Beda j-beda at pobox.com
Sat Feb 9 02:17:36 CET 2002

	I hate to sound like a broken record - but could people please take
care when sending email messages to the mailing list?  The most recent
digests have been well over 50% signature files, duplicate mime formatted
messages, HTML formatted messages, pgp signature headers and footers,
quoted extraneous content and excessively long signature files. These can
be particularly troubling for those people who read the mailing list digest.

	If more than 50% of the content of your message that gets sent to
the list is not actually typed by you - you are probably doing something
wrong.  Unfortunately some of the most prolific and "important"
participants (in that they are making very valuable contributions) are
among the worst offenders!

	This is not rocket science folks...

	Please remember to cut out the signatures and other redundant
material from your replies to this (and any mailing list for that matter).
Also remember to turn off HTML email features, and avoid attachments.
Double check the subject to make sure it is appropriate for the message as
well. Quoting the entire thread after your own signature is particularly

	TidBITS published an article on email list suggestions that is well
worth anyone reading.  The methods for automating signature selection are
very useful.


	Anyhow, enough ranting...

	Thank you in advance for your continued efforts in this area.

* johann beda   <XNSName: =j-beda> <http://pobox.com/~j-beda/>   *

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