[Mac OS X TeX] cocoAspell + file dictionary

jerome LAURENS jerome.laurens at u-bourgogne.fr
Thu Feb 21 11:32:44 CET 2002

Le lundi 11 février 2002, à 04:12 AM, William McCallum a écrit :

> I just discovered that, on my installation, even though cocoAspell 
> incorrectly flags TeX commands as misspelled by underlining them (since 
> I have the "Check spelling as you type" option checked), it does not 
> find them when I run it as a spell checker using the "Spelling ..." or 
> "Check Spelling" options. So maybe that's the difference between those 
> of us who are saying it works and those who are saying it doesn't.

Normal behaviour due to internal Mac OS X word recognition.

However I just recall that

"Version 1.15 of TeXShop can check spelling as you type. This change was 
prompted by the release of a "cocoa spell checker" by Anton Leuski..."

which is obviously uninteresting if there is no difference with the 
previous use of any kind of dictionary (which is the case from a TeX 
point of view)

On the contrary iTeXMac really checks spelling as you type, such that 
previous wrong behaviour never (?) occurs. Moreover it does not rely on 
a TeXish dictionary... No more comment.

However, here is the real important question:

For words learned by the dictionary, it is in fact the reponsibility of 
the text editor to store and load them. I think we should agree on a 
general file extension (not .dict) and a file format. Something might 
already exist.

What are your suggestions?
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