[Mac OS X TeX] landscape mode

Paolo Ghirardato paolo at hss.caltech.edu
Sun Feb 24 08:53:39 CET 2002

>  > The question is this: I have a slide document that starts
>>  \documentclass[landscape]{slides}
>   \usepackage{hyperref}
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^-----  try this, even if you don't use
>                               any of the special features that
>                               the  hyperref  package provides.
>>  However, when I typeset it with TeXShop (and iTeXMac, for that
>>  matter), the final output is vertical, with the obvious cropping of
>>  long equations, etc.
>>  I tried changing the page setup (within the program) and typesetting
>>  again, but unsurprisingly that changed nothing. I tried looking at
>>  the pdf file with Acrobat, again to find vertical slides.
>The problem is that you need to rotate the paper,
>not just change the shape of the typesetting rectangle.
>With pdfTeX this means setting 
>   \pdfpageheight  and  \pdfpagewidth
>to agree with the \paperheight and \paperwidth  parameters
>(not the \textheight and \textwidth ).
>BTW, the "Page Setup" is irrelevant, as this is not connected
>to the coding inside the TeX source of your document
>  --- though perhaps it could be; it would have to be done
>carefully, to not conflict with coding from packages.
>>  Can anyone remind me how to fix this?
>If simply loading  hyperref  isn't enough, then in LaTeX try:
>  \pdfpagewidth=\paperwidth}
>In Plain TeX, just drop the \AtBeginDocument{....} wrapping.
>Hope this helps,

Just loading hyperref solved the problem.
Thanks a lot, Ross!


PS: I also got an email from Dick Koch, who told me that he's trying 
to look into how to fix this in future releases of TeXShop.

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