[Mac OS X TeX] I need a http-server for my (TeX) distributions

Joseph C. Slater joseph.slater at wright.edu
Tue Feb 26 21:17:21 CET 2002

How about asking apple to give you the space on http://homepage.mac.com? 
Maybe you can get them to waive the fee for the increase in space.
On Tuesday, February 26, 2002, at 02:18  PM, Gerben Wierda wrote:

> Hello TeX-on-Mac OS X world and Mac OS X Admin world,
> Currently, I provide a TeX distribution (easy install) on an ftp-server 
> in The Netherlands. I am changing to a new mode of distribution and 
> because I use a tool developed in Cocoa and since the Cocoa class NSURL 
> does not support ftp:// yet, I need a http-server. Given that the new 
> mode of distribution will automate part of the upgrade process (and 
> split the installation in different chunks so that I can make 
> distributions and upgrades (much asked for) and given that the system 
> will have to know where to look for the upgrades, I need a location 
> that is stable. I also must be able to upload stuff to the location 
> using rsync (either to an rsyncd or sshd).
> Who is willing to provide this for me?
> (And if Apple reads this: an upgrade of the system such that NSURL 
> understands ftp would be a perfect solution).

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