[OS X TeX] Omega

Michael Betsch Michael.Betsch at uni-tuebingen.de
Wed Aug 21 20:10:16 CEST 2002

>I have been endeavouring to install Omega in order to use its 
>Unicode facility. My success to date has been limited.

>If anyone has any experience of installing and using Omega 
>successfully, I would be very happy to hear from you.
>Malcolm Ross

omega and related programs are included in G. Wierda's distribution, 
which is used by TeXShop and iTeXMac. So if you installed this 
distribution, you should have them present (try "which omega", "which 
lambda", "which odvips" from the Terminal). But at my impression 
there is no way to directly generate pdf; you will have to process 
your source with omega (resp. lambda), then convert the dvi file to 
PostScript with odvips (not dvips!) and then convert this to pdf with 
ps2pdf. I tried some rather basic source files and found it works. 
Basically, you may try to start with a LaTeX file that doesn't call 
inputenc or fontenc, and define the omega roman font as standard 
roman font in the preamble:


Then you can call all characters oher than those contained in 7-bit 
ASCII by their hexidecimal unicode number prefixed with "^^^^", e.g. 
"^^^^015b" for the Polish letter "small s with acute accent".

As I understand it, the resulting dvi file cannot be processed by 
standard DVI viewers (nor by dvips), only converted by odvips. You 
will have to call the programs from the terminal.

I fear several more "exotic" languages and writing systems will still 
be work in progress, cf. the talk by omega's creators Plaice and 
Haralambous on TUG2002 about devanagari support.

Michael Betsch

Michael.Betsch at uni-tuebingen.de

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