[OS X TeX] iInstaller Problems

Andreas Gschwendtner andreas_gschwendtner at yahoo.de
Mon Aug 12 22:03:54 CEST 2002

Hi everybody,

I know that this was asked before, but so far there were no replies. The
following problem occurs, when trying to update my TeX installation using
the "thin" iInstaller:

If the update process is interrupted in any way (by clicking the "Cancel"
button for example) but the update is not finished, I am not able to
complete the update thereafter. If I click on the "Check if new Package
Version is Available" button, I only get a message saying, that the package
seems to be up to date!

Is there a workaround for this? I guess there are some files created or
downloaded so that iInstaller thinks that the update has been successfully
completed, which is not true. Are there any settings to clear or files to
delete in order to be able to complete the update?

Thanks, help would be appreciated very much.



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