[OS X TeX] tex-optimized alpha?

Oliver Hardt hardt at u.arizona.edu
Sat Aug 3 18:41:15 CEST 2002

under OS 9 i used alpha to only edit my tex documents and i loved it. 
my fondness increased dramatically, when some fellow user send me a 
stripped-down version of alpha that was optimized for tex editing -- 
all unnecessary menus and items were gone, only that what you 
*really* needed to work on tex documents was left standing.  as a 
result, this improved version was very fast and very concise, 
parsimonious i should say.  and, my fellow scientists here in the 
list, isn't parsimoniousness that what we'd like to achieve in our 
view on the world and its phenomena?

so here is my suggestion:  unfortunately, i am not able to code tcl. 
so i cannot transform alphaTK myself to an optimized tex editor. 
there might be someone out there who would also enjoy a parsimonious 
version of alphaTK who is able to actually code tcl.  perhaps we 
could get together and discuss what we need and what we could get rid 
of and then just go for that?


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