[OS X TeX] Outlining and TeX

Alexandre Enkerli enkerli at mac.com
Sat Aug 10 14:18:58 CEST 2002

A solution I've been thinking about is Userland's Radio
<http://radio.userland.com/>. It's billed as a weblog tool but at its core
is the descendant of Frontier, including an XML outliner. I've been thinking
that this could be an ideal solution to work outlines into TeX documents. In
fact, one could use "Usertalk" to convert the XML ("OPML", actually) into
TeX. Or Perl, which should make its way inside Radio "Real Soon
Now"...Otherwise, Radio Userland supports XML-RPC and SOAP, so there might
be interesting solutions there.
While as a service, Radio itself isn't free, I think some of the most
interesting features can be used without a license. I'm not sure because
they keep changing their policies and I haven't checked in a while.
Worth a look.

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