[OS X TeX] [ANN] BibDesk 0.7b

Michael McCracken michael_mccracken at mac.com
Tue Apr 2 06:51:11 CEST 2002

Major new version:

BibDesk 0.7b is now available at 

There are a host of new features since 0.61b:

* compatibility features:
	- handles many (not all) 8-bit characters now
		- by handles, I mean:
		  reads {\"u} and displays ü (<- has umlaut) then saves back 
to {\"u} again.
	- won't break cross-refs
	- doesn't choke on " " in strings (entries now delimited using braces)
	- newlines in annote and abstract are handled appropriately
	- others I'm probably forgetting
* GUI rework
	- less wasted space, might be faster
	- more natural document-style behavior
* Major improvement in citation service
	- now specify constraints on search for service, not just title:
	 (e.g. author = A & year = 2002)
* more flexible handling of fields per publication & globally

Some awfully desirable features are still missing, notably the preview 
window is still annoyingly un-zoomable. Sometimes you just can't do it 

As usual, there is plenty more info in the Readme file, a new FAQ file, 
and the Release notes.

And of course, even though it hasn't killed my data yet, I'd advise you 
to keep regular backups of your data, and save often! This is still beta 

After all, if you're writing a thesis, shouldn't you consider using CVS 
(http://www.cvshome.org/) to store your files? :-)

Michael McCracken
michael_mccracken at mac.com

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