[OS X TeX] Problems with footbib & footmisc

Tore Haug-Warberg haugwarb at chembio.ntnu.no
Wed Apr 3 16:33:19 CEST 2002


I have encountered some problems with the packages "footbib" and "footmisc".
Footbib complains that "output routine of LaTeX changed" and footmisc winds
up in an endless loop when used with option "para". In the manual it is
explicitly stated that footmisc does not go along with packages that change
the output from LaTeX so I thought maybe the two problems are connected.
Can anyone tell me what the problem(s) might be? What I fear (and it would
really kill me) is to learn that there has been made changes to LaTeX that
are incompatible with (not only footbib and footmisc but) other packages as


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PS. From another mail list I quote this solution to the footbib problem (it

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I've posted a comment about footbib. The "error" message
is meant to inform people that footbib might not work properly,
especially if they're using certain other packages which
modify the latex output routine. If you're sure you're not
using one of those packages (they're listed in the footbib documentation)
and you know footbib will produce the correct output, you can
comment lines 77 to 85 of footbib.sty:
% \if at tempswa ...
% \PackageError ...
% .
% .
% .
% \fi
After that, footbib.sty will run without displaying the error
message. On my computer footbib works ok when I do that.
Until footbib is rewritten for the latest LaTeX output
routines, there's no better way to do things.
An alternative is to use \scrollmode to process documents,
but then TeX won't stop even after it encounters more
serious errors

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