[OS X TeX] printing help?

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Thu Apr 4 20:54:20 CEST 2002

Le jeudi 4 avril 2002, à 08:32 PM, get86 at mac.com a écrit :

> how were the "dots" [points on a graph] applied?
> a Mathematica graph was saved as an eps which Latex read into the 
> document.

In case this helps: I include quite often Mathematica graphs into LaTeX 
papers. The graphs are not especially sophisticated (i.e. they do not 
include dots), they are basic 2D curves or 3D surface or contour 
graphics. What works for me (with TeXShop) is:

(1) saving the graphs as EPS files from Mathematica;

(2) dragging the EPS files onto TeXShop, which converts them to PDF 
files and displays them;

(3) include the PDF graphics in my LaTeX document using the graphicx 
package and TeXShop in pdfTeX mode.

In this way everything has worked fine for me so far. For some reason I 
do not fully understand, the graphics package does not work well with 
pdfTeX, I cannot crop graphics, i.e.

\includegraphics*[viewport=0 0 380 380]{geomreal-alt.pdf}

works but



Bruno Voisin

PS In case this issue is raised: I did not notice any difference between 
the Classic and OS X versions of Mathematica, the EPS files produced are 
the same in either version.

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