[OS X TeX] printing help?

get86 at mac.com get86 at mac.com
Mon Apr 8 01:12:46 CEST 2002

I hate to ask, but we have but one copy of Illustrator X (or any Ill)..
and it's not licensed by the user in this case.


If I move the file so that I can use the Illustrator program to correct 
the dots (remember the problem is that -in the end this file is being 
sent to a PC as a PDF and the dots won't print for that person)... how 
do I repair the dots in Illustrator, if you don't mind the lesson?

Thanks in advance,

p.s. right now out only solution is to scan that particular page and 
insert it into the email transmission as a replacement for that page, 
but I'd really like to find a fix near the root of what this problem is.

On Thursday, April 4, 2002, at 01:59  PM, William Adams wrote:

> My copy of Mathematica is away at home on my Cube, but if it does dots
> in graphs like MatLab does (or has done on the jobs we've had), they're
> literally dots---a line as a single point with beginning / endpoints the
> same, and a strokewidth which defines the size of the dot.
> We've found such troublesome as well, so've usually wound up selecting
> all such (in Illustrator or FreeHand) and expanding the stroke to the
> proper width so that the dots become closed paths.
> William
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