[OS X TeX] Conference software

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Sun Apr 7 23:57:23 CEST 2002

Hi Gary,

I'm very intrested in this part of the info you sent Wendy for the
NSDL grant proposal that she is preparing:

> [3] We are actively involved in the organization of the 2002 meeting of the
> Society of Engineering Science which will take place this coming fall at
> Penn State.  One of the organizational tasks we have taken on has been the
> creation of a template for the submission of Abstracts via the WEB for the
> compilation of the final book of abstracts. The input submitted by the
> authors consists of text which is then automatically typeset using LaTeX.

Wendy already mentioned that I'm needing to do the same kind of thing
for a large congress in 2003. Indeed, that's why I was in Philadelphia
for a few days last January; to look at SIAM's system for collecting
abstracts and minisymposium proposals.

Is your system working well ?
Can I access it across the web to have a look?
Does it integrate with other software that allows the abstracts to
be reviewed for relevance and appropriate content?
How easy is it to setup?
What database do you use, or Perl/PHP/Python/cgi ?

By the way, are you aware of the ICIAM 2003 congress in Sydney?
See the website, at www.iciam.org .
The invited speakers are all very impressive, covering a wide range of topics
in Industrial and Applied Mathematics.
There's also an embedded submeeting for an Australian Society
of Engineering Mathematicians.

Given the nature of our proposed work for the NSDL project,
and other TeX/LaTeX related efforts, and its applicability for mathematics
and mathematicians worldwide, then it would be quite appropriate
to have a minisymposium or two at ICIAM 2003 devoted to such topics.
What do you think ?

All the best,


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