Fixing non-outlined dots in AI (Re: [OS X TeX] printing help?)

William Adams wadams at
Tue Apr 9 18:44:51 CEST 2002

Sorry, been a bit busy at work.

Ted asked:
 >how do I repair the dots in Illustrator, if you don't mind the lesson?

I'd feel better if I could experiment with a copy of the file (could you 
mail me one?), but...

Basically, one selects the points and then uses the Object | Path | Offset 
Path command, but this isn't working for a quick check in Adobe 
Illustrator 9 (if memory serves, when I was fixing the MatLab files, it 
was with AI6---the newer program seems to check for the size of the path 
and doesn't trouble to process them if they're too short). It does work in 
FreeHand 8, (Modify | Alter Path | Expand Stroke).

I might've had to select one point from each path and move it 
infinitesimally---don't think so though, I'm sure I'd've remembered doing 
that (there were a _lot_ of points in the MatLab graph)



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