[OS X TeX] metapost + context

flip phillips flip at skidmore.edu
Tue Apr 9 05:47:40 CEST 2002

Greetings- sorry to folks on both the ConTeXt and OS X TeX list for the 

Recently, I did a nice clean install of teTeX via the i-Installer 
mechanism. Now, I'm trying to build one of my presentations via 
ConTeXt's presentation mechanism. ConTeXt generates the metapost files 
just fine. I can get them to metapost by doing mpost -mem=metafun xxx.mp

However, when TeX shop / texexec tries to metapost them mpost crashes w/ 
an address violation (I have crash logging on in Console.app)

This is strange, it will metapost fine manually, but not from within 
tetex. I checked the shell_escape variable in texmf.cfg (there are two, 
one in web2c and another in the highest level), set them to 't' (both to 
be sure).

Anyone with any ideas here?

flip phillips

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