[Mac OS X TeX] OS X a nightmare?

Mark Smith markds at mac.com
Sat Sep 15 10:42:33 CEST 2001

<x-flowed>>> I apologize for sending a generic OS X message to this group, but rest
>> assured I'm a devout TeX and Mac user and my motivation is at 
>> least in part
>> related to (my dilemma of whether to switch to) OSX-TeX. I'm 
>> presently very
>> happy with my OS9-Alpha-OzTeX combination, and am
>> wondering if cMacTeX on OSX is far superior, so much better that 
>> it would
>> overcome the negatives discussed below.
>> (Assumption here: cMacTeX is the only TeX available on OS X. correct?)

Nope, there are also TeXShop and OzTeX.

(As for your problems with OS X, its a lot faster on a G4 with lots 
of RAM than it is on e.g. an iMac or an iBook with less than 
256MB - but OK still not as fast as it should be. By all accounts 
10.1 fixes this. Stick with it and experiment, you will find that 
one can indeed work very elegantly (albeit differently) in X - you 
know - think different and all that. A couple of carefully chosen 
utilities will really improve things. Suggest "Launchbar" and 
"Space" for general workspace enhancement, "Get Info" or "Super Get 
Info" and a combination of "Pseudo" and "RBrowser" (care required 
here) for file manipulations which are not so easy in the Finder 
and finally "TinkerTool" for a bit more customization power.

Back to TeX though, I would give TeXShop a spin, I find TeXShop and 
Pepper a good combination. There's also a rather interesting app in 
development called ScientificAssistant.

Can supply URLs for all if required but they can all be found on 
Versiontracker and Softrack.


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