[Mac OS X TeX] Towards Alpha/Classic-MacOS X integration.

Philippe Lelédy phl at leledy.org
Mon Sep 10 06:31:35 CEST 2001

I'd like Alpha for input, plain UNIX tetex for engine and MacOS X GUI
applications for displaying results.

I've made some progress in this direction.
I'm able, from Alpha/Classic to trigger both BSD shell scripts and MacOS X
GUI applications, with Alpha Command "sendOpenEvent".

Typesetting with my BSD shell script "pdftex.sh" is triggered from Alpha

sendOpenEvent -n ScriptGUI "4-MacOSX:Users:phl:workTeX:pdftex.sh" 

which relies on a nice freeware "ScriptGUI" which triggers any shell
script and display the results in an Aqua window.

Displaying the results is done by Alpha Command:

sendOpenEvent -n TeXShop "4-MacOS X:Users:phl:workTeX:work.pdf"

Of course, these app.s have to be running for "sendOpenEvent" to be
effective. These app.s can be launched by

sendOpenEvent -n Finder "4-MacOSX:Applications:Rajouts:ScriptGUI:ScriptGUI.app"
and so on.

It's easy to known if they are running thanks to Alpha Command
"processes" which reply with a list of all Mac app (Classic and X).

It's not perfect (the name of the file to be typesetted has to be hard
coded in my shell script "pdftex.sh"), but I'm please to discover that
Alpha/Classic is able to communicate with the 2 other worlds which coexist
under MacOS X.

If I was able to pass arguments to a shell script, I'd write some tcl
procs to wrap previous commands under simple keystroke.

Remark: there are several free Scripting addition that adds to Apple
Scripting Language some primitives like "shell" to trigger an Unix Script,
with arguments, but I don't know how Alpha can trigger AppleScript. I
tried the Alpha Command "dosc" w/o success.


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