[Mac OS X TeX] psfrag.pro (was: labelling graphics using TeXShop/Illustrator)

Paulo Abreu paulotex at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 30 09:20:57 CEST 2001

Hemant Bhargava wrote:

>The only thing I haven't quite figured out here is where to place the 
>psfrag.pro file. In general, I'm able to place all package files in 
>separate areas from the base OzTeX installation, but in this case nothing 
>has worked, and I'm forced to put the psfrag.pro as follows:
>Anyone have advice on this issue?

This is not really an advice, just my $0.02. IMO, the .pro file needs to
be somewhere where dvips finds it. I think dvips is the only program
that needs it. You should check the way OzTeX has its paths configured
to understand why it can't find the .pro file when you move it. In
a standard kpathsea installation like tetex, any dir under texmf/dvips
works and you can add other dirs to the search path of dvips, although
that might not be advisable for performance reasons.

To understand a bit more about the TeX directory structure, read the TDS
doc, available in CTAN and in some distros (BTW, I don't think I have it in the teTeX that came with TeXShop).


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