[Mac OS X TeX] OS X a nightmare?

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Thu Sep 6 22:59:03 CEST 2001

First, to my mind, Mac OS X is far more elegant than Mac OS 9-, lacking
the bizarrely-specific UI-widgets (i.e. tear-offable application menu,
control strip) which clutter Mac OS 9-

Secondly, do some research. In addition to CMacTeX there's OzTeX just
announced, Scientific Assistant and TeXShop. Also read the Aqua UI
Guidelines which're available from the Developer's Connection at

Third, wait for the 10.1 up-date, and/or get more RAM and set up your
system with a swap partition (or better still, a second drive, on a
different controller chain)

Fourth, realise that there're other UI concepts than just Mac OS and
Windows, that Mac OS X overwhelmingly draws from one of these
(NeXTstep), and that the aspects of Mac OS X which are
counter-intuitive, inelegant and inconsistent are overwhelmingly those
which are modeled upon Mac OS 9- (e.g. the clutterable desktop and
monolithic, immovable main menu bar without tear-off menus).


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