[Mac OS X TeX] teTeX at fink

David R. Morrison drm at cgtp.duke.edu
Mon Oct 29 22:47:18 CET 2001

I have just completed a major revision of the teTeX installation at fink,
the next step in trying to bring it in synch with the version that is
used by TeXShop.

(The first step was a fink package which allows fink users to use the
teTeX installed by TeXShop; with this revision, it should be possible for
TeXShop users to use the tetex installed by fink.)

The issue of paths has not been completely resolved, so if you are planning
to use fink's teTeX together with TeXShop you will have to fiddle with
some paths yourself.  In particular you have to tell TeXShop the location
of your teTeX, which is usually /sw in fink rather than /usr/local/teTeX.

This version matches TeXShop's teTeX from August... I realize that there
was just a new release of teTeX by Gerben Wierda for use with TeXShop...
eventually these should get in synch!

The next step will be to resolve the path issues, but if you are already
familiar with such things and would like to try this version out, you
are welcome to do so (and I would appreciate some feedback if you do).

You can get the relevant fink packages from the fink CVS server, but perhaps
it is easier to make sure you are getting what you need if you simply grab


which contains all of the relevant fink files.  (You'll need to put them
in your fink local directory so that fink can find them.)

  -- Dave Morrison

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