[Mac OS X TeX] embedding fonts

Alessandro Languasco languasc at math.unipd.it
Wed Oct 3 18:05:43 CEST 2001

<x-flowed>Dave, I agree with you 100%.

 >I would happily serve as a tester, as applicable.

Me too !


On Wednesday, October 3, 2001, at 05:25  PM, Dave McCollum wrote:

> Hi,
> I have two thoughts about all of this:
>  - Why don't we try to identify all the specifics of the embedding
>    "problems" and contact the dvips folks? Or, maybe we should contact
>    anyone involved with an OS X version to have them include some sort
>    of "automatic" support for fonts installed in the various OS X font
>    locations.
>    This support could be a script that executes during installation,
>    and later (manually), whenever the user feels the system font status
>    has changed. The script could possibly convert Mac fonts into pfa/pfb
>    formats, add whatever "maps" are needed to various config files, etc.
>    Sorry for my over-generalized descriptions, as I am not really 
> familiar
>    with the details of any OS X TeX distribution.
>  - In addition to, or in lieu of, the above suggestion, it would be nice
>    if someone would create some sort of document that describes the 
> steps
>    involved with adding any installed Mac font to TeX, dvips, etc.
>    The idea here is to make fonts a non-issue, as far as is practical,
>    for TeX users in OS X. This would be consistent with the Mac OS's
>    "ease of use." Not everyone has the time, skill, or inclination to
>    hack away at this kind of stuff....
> Any takers? Better ideas? Thanks to anyone who can work on these 
> things. I would happily serve as a tester, as applicable.
> Best regards,
> -Dave

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