[Mac OS X TeX] embedding fonts

Jerry Stratton jerry at hoboes.com
Sun Oct 7 03:06:28 CEST 2001

At 9:25 AM -0600 on 10/3/01, Dave McCollum wrote: 
> - In addition to, or in lieu of, the above suggestion, it would be nice
>   if someone would create some sort of document that describes the steps
>   involved with adding any installed Mac font to TeX, dvips, etc.
>   The idea here is to make fonts a non-issue, as far as is practical,
>   for TeX users in OS X. This would be consistent with the Mac OS's
>   "ease of use." Not everyone has the time, skill, or inclination to
>   hack away at this kind of stuff....

Yes, this would be wonderful. I spent last weekend importing a single Adobe font into teTeX; now I need a truetype font and after trying the various on-line instructions I have no idea how to go about it. In the attempt to do so on my office computer, I ended up hurting something in the teTeX installation and had to re-install. It's definitely not a friendly process.

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