[Mac OS X TeX] TeXShop & pdfscreen (Mac OS X 10.1)

Serge COHEN cohen at embl-grenoble.fr
Wed Oct 24 13:50:16 CEST 2001


Thanks for quick answer, indeed the handling of texinto files is supposed
to be in the standard install (and it is, that's why tex->dvips->ps2pdf
works Ok).

By the way, I tried to compile the teTeX sources, and had a trouble with
compiling the texinfo part...
So now I'm using the teTeX version compiled by Gerben Wierda (coming along
with TeXShop).

Any experience for compiling teTeX on MacOSX is very welcome.


>The simplest way to make  extra packages available is to create
>your own texmf tree in your Library folder in your home folder.
>Then go into the terminal and issue the command `sudo texhash'
>and give you admin password when sudo asks for it.
>For example I have a4wide.sty installed in
>(It may be in the standard texmf tree I have no idea !)
>You can sort out other directories by looking at the installed
>texmf tree.
>I think the standard teTeX install will set things up so tex
>will search in this directory. You can see if it has when you
>do texhash:

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