[Mac OS X TeX] what library do you prefer ?

serafim serafim at nada.kth.se
Tue Jun 5 17:21:39 CEST 2001

laurens wrote:
> >       I must echo Ross Moore's recommendation.  By all means create
> >your own archive of tex inputs (or packages from CTAN not included in
> >the standard teTeX distribution), but put them in the TDS format.
> >
> >In addition to Ross's reasons I offer the following:
> >
> >1) It works and it will ultimately translate into less work for you.
> >
> >2) By creating your own ~/texmf or ~/lib/texmf you can have one texmf
> >tree (teTeX) that remains untouched for ease of upgrading and
> >CMacTeX, teTeX, and TeXShop all work without any extra work!  (OzTeX
> >is easily pointed to this location through its local configuration
> >file as well.)
> >
> >CMacTeX expects a local texmf tree; one creates an alias to it in the
> >application folder.
> >
> >TeXShop CANNOT read the TEXINPUTS environment variables suggested by
> >Serafim so this solution is not helpful to TeXShop users.
I am sorry if I stir up a lot of emotion. I have used TeX and LaTeX for
many years and followed what I supposed to be good advice from TeX
"wizards" at my job.

My letter really has three messages:
1) This is what I did (and learned today that it stinks-:).
2) Don't mess up the global TeX system.
3) Keep personal stuff personal - don't impose your stuff on others.

In the system such as it is configured at work it obviously doesn't
work your way and that's a pity. The result is that I use my own
settings "everywhere" and it works - "everywhere" (so far), but ...

I am willing to learn (and possibly teach others - the local TeX
wizards since many years). Point me to the right docs for this matter.


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