[Mac OS X TeX] CMacTeX 4.0

Paolo Ghirardato paolo at hss.caltech.edu
Fri Jun 1 23:32:38 CEST 2001

<x-flowed>>Version 4.0 of CMacTeX for Mac OS X and OS 9 can be downloaded from the
>CMacTeX Home Page at http://www.kiffe.com/cmactex.html. This release
>supersedes the previous OS X beta release included with CMacTeX 3.7.

A stupid question --- but possibly a problem that some other inept 
people like me could face.

I downloaded all the CMacTeX package and installed it according to 
instructions (I already had teTeX and TeXShop installed). It seems to 
be working fine, with one exception: Macdvi does not render some 
fonts correctly in the previewer window. I imagine that this is 
because it is not finding the fonts where it's expecting them.
Any suggestion as to how to fix this? (Notice that I have also 
Textures installed, and its previewer has no problems.)

Also a more trivial question: Why not use OS X's Preview as a pdf 
previewer with CMacTeX? I tried setting it as the pdf previewer of 
choice, but when I used CMacTeX to do pdflatex, it opened a dialogue 
asking to choose an application to do preview with.


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