[Mac OS X TeX] Excalibur 4.0b1

Rick Zaccone zaccone at bucknell.edu
Thu Jun 28 21:51:36 CEST 2001

>Here is a suggestion:
>It would be great if I could reach Excalibur from any cocoa
>application via the services-menu, or via the edit menu of the
>specific application.
>(... but is this possible for a not cocoa app?)

Excalibur understands the Word Services protocol.  This is a standard
protocol for an application to communicate with a spelling checker.
Eudora and MT Newswatcher understand it.  Since this is implemented
via Apple Events, it seems that it should be possible in a Cocoa
application.  I've never written a Cocoa application though, so I
can't say for sure.

If TeXShop understood Word Services, then the file type of TeXShop
files wouldn't matter.

AppleWorks supported Word Services until version 6 arrived.  This
meant that you could use Excalibur to spell check AppleWorks
documents and it worked without a hitch.  For some reason, Apple
removed Word Services from version 6.  Maybe they're trying to move
away from it?


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