[Mac OS X TeX] Re: [Textures] Textures and Mac OS X - an editorial

Martin Stokhof stokhof at hum.uva.nl
Fri Jun 1 23:18:52 CEST 2001

<x-flowed>I think my feelings on this issue are more or less in agreement with the 
majority of the opinions I've read so far.  But since Gary Gray asked 
people to respond I'll state them anyway.
I've been using Textures since I don't know how long (before postscript 
CM fonts anyway). But I want to (and soon will need to) make the switch 
to OS X. So I've downloaded TeXShop and CMacTeX and starting using them.
I really appreciate the efforts that Richard Koch and Tom Kiffe and 
others have put into these applications, and I am grateful to them for 
making the results freely available. But I must admit that I miss the 
compactness and robustness of Textures. And I especially miss 
synchronicity.  I for one would be willing to pay for a carbonized 
version ofTextures, but not if synchronicity were dropped.
But such a carbonized version of Textures should not take too long to 
become available. Running Textures in Classic is akward  and given my 
set up is not really an option anyway. So I guess it might not take that 
long before I learn to accept life (well, work ;-) without synchronicity 
and make the switch to TeXShop and/or CMacTeX.

Martin Stokhof

ILLC/Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities, Universiteit van 
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