[Mac OS X TeX] Re: [Textures] Textures and Mac OS X - an editorial

Paolo Ghirardato paolo at hss.caltech.edu
Fri Jun 1 23:36:31 CEST 2001

<x-flowed>>Martin Stokhof wrote:

>I've been using Textures since I don't know how long (before 
>postscript CM fonts anyway). But I want to (and soon will need to) 
>make the switch to OS X. So I've downloaded TeXShop and CMacTeX and 
>starting using them.
>I really appreciate the efforts that Richard Koch and Tom Kiffe and 
>others have put into these applications, and I am grateful to them 
>for making the results freely available. But I must admit that I 
>miss the compactness and robustness of Textures. And I especially 
>miss synchronicity.  I for one would be willing to pay for a 
>carbonized version ofTextures, but not if synchronicity were dropped.
>But such a carbonized version of Textures should not take too long 
>to become available. Running Textures in Classic is akward  and 
>given my set up is not really an option anyway. So I guess it might 
>not take that long before I learn to accept life (well, work ;-) 
>without synchronicity and make the switch to TeXShop and/or CMacTeX.

I fully agree with Martin's opinion. A carbonized version of Textures 
soon would be certainly most welcome, but not if the cost is losing 
synchronicity, which is what I miss the most of Textures. (I 
certainly don't miss the editor -- sorry Barry!)

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