[Mac OS X TeX] CMacTeX 4.0

Tom Kiffe tom at kiffe.com
Fri Jun 1 04:52:09 CEST 2001

Version 4.0 of CMacTeX for Mac OS X and OS 9 can be downloaded from the
CMacTeX Home Page at http://www.kiffe.com/cmactex.html. This release
supersedes the previous OS X beta release included with CMacTeX 3.7.

The new features of Version 4.0 include the following:

1) The full installation of CMacTeX gives you a basic TeX installation
that works in both OS 9 and OS X. The installation can be done in either
OS 9 or OS X, the only difference being the location of your Preferences
folder. The installation process has been greatly simplified.

2) If you already have teTeX installed on OS X you can download just one
file which contains all of the Carbon binaries and the support files
specific to CMacTeX. The teTeX texmf tree can be used with CMacTeX.
Version 4.0 fully supports alias folders so you can put CMacTeX on any
partition. (With the previous beta release CMacTeX had to be installed
on the root partition.)

3) CMacTeX integrates very well with the Carbon version of BBEdit and even
works with Alpha running in the Classic environment. (I hope a Carbon version
of Alpha appears soon.) Since CMacTeX can be run from the Terminal it should
be possible to configure emacs to call the CMacTeX programs.

4) You can use Acrobat, Acrobat Reader and the Preview application included
with OS X for viewing PDF files.

5) Currently CMacTeX contains the only native dvi previewer for OS X which 
does not require the installation of the X Window System. If a dvi file
has been prepared with the srcltx package, a click in a displayed page
will take you back to the editor and the editor will highlight the first
line of the selected paragraph. This feature currently works only with
BBEdit and Alpha because only these editors have the needed Apple Event

6) Macintosh Postscript fonts can be used with CMacTeX's dvips and pdftex.
You do not have to convert your Lucida or MathTime Postscript fonts into 
pfb format.

CMacTeX is a GUI-based TeX system for OS 9 which has been converted to Carbon
in order to run natively on OS X. The OS X version of CMacTeX is intended for those users coming to OS X from OS 9 with limited Unix experience.

Most of the programs included with CMacTeX are based on the latest
source code and offer some features not available with the standard Unix 
programs. Dvips and pdftex can read Macintosh Postscript fonts. Pdftex allows
you to turn partial font embedding on and off with a single mouse click and
allows you to embed the 14 basic Postscript fonts. Most programs can read
text files containing either Macintosh or Unix end-of-line characters. You
don't need the X Window System just to view dvi and Postscript files.

Tom Kiffe

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