[Mac OS X TeX] teTeX install question

Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Fri Jul 20 17:03:21 CEST 2001

<x-flowed>>At 11:47 PM +0930 7/20/01, Michael Murray wrote:
>>I noticed something weird about my teTeX install tonight. It should be
>>the latest one from the TeXShop site. I don't have the installer at home
>>(and I'm on a 56k modem!)   so I was wondering if somebody could 
>>check their install and see if it looks like mine.
>>In /usr/local/bin are lots of tex related files, binaries and
>>text files. If you do ls -al you can
>>see most of them are links.
>The contents of my /usr/local/bin are below, and none of them are 
>symbolic links.
>localhost% ls -F /usr/local/bin
>bdftops*        fixwfwps*       mktetexlinks*   ps2ps*
>dvipdf*         fixwpps*        pdf2dsc*        psbook*
>eps2eps*        fixwwps*        pdf2ps*         psmerge*
>epsffit*        font2c*         pdfopt*         psnup*
>epstopdf*       getafm*         pf2afm*         psresize*
>extractres*     gs*             pfbtopfa*       psselect*
>fixdlsrps*      gsbj*           pj-gs.sh*       pstops*
>fixfmps*        gsdj*           printafm*       pv.sh*
>fixmacps*       gsdj500*        ps2ascii*       showchar*
>fixmswrd.pl*    gslj*           ps2epsi*        sysvlp.sh*
>fixpsditps*     gslp*           ps2pdf*         unix-lpr.sh*
>fixpspps*       gsnd*           ps2pdf12*       wftopfa*
>fixscribeps*    includeres*     ps2pdf13*
>fixtpps*        lprsetup.sh*    ps2pdfwr*

Hmm mine looks like

[localhost:~] mmurray% ls -F /usr/local/bin
MakeTeXPK@      fixmswrd.pl*    mag@            pdfeinitex@     sysvlp.sh*
Xvnc*           fmtutil@        makeindex@      pdfelatex@      tangle@
access@         font2c*         makeinfo@       pdfetex@        tex@
afm2tfm@        fontexport@     makempx@        pdfevirtex@     texconfig@
allcm@          fontimport@     mf@             pdfinitex@      texdoc@
allec@          fontinst@       mft@            pdflatex@       texexec@
allneeded@      gftodvi@        mfw@            pdftex@         texhash@
bdftops*        gftopk@         mkfontdesc@     pdfvirtex@      texi2dvi@
bibtex@         gftype@         mkindex@        pf2afm*         texi2html@
dialog@         gpg*            mkocp@          pfb2pfa@        texi2pdf@
dmp@            gpgv*           mkofm@          pfbtopfa*       texindex@
dvi2fax@        gs*             mktexlsr@       pj-gs.sh*       texlinks@
dvicopy@        gsbj*           mktexmf@        pk2bm@          texshow@
dvihp@          gsdj*           mktexpk@        pktogf@         texutil@
dvilj@          gsdj500*        mktextfm@       pktype@         tftopl@
dvilj2p@        gsftopk@        mpost@          pltotf@         thumbpdf@
dvilj4@         gslj*           mpto@           pooltype@       tie@
dvilj4l@        gslp*           newer@          printafm*       ttf2afm@
dvilj6@         gsnd*           odvicopy@       ps2ascii*       unix-lpr.sh*
dvipdf*         inimf@          odvips@         ps2epsi*        vftovp@
dvips@          inimpost@       odvitype@       ps2frag@        virmf@
dvired@         iniomega@       ofm2opl@        ps2pdf*         virmpost@
dvitomp@        initex@         omega@          ps2pdf12*       viromega@
dvitype@        install-info@   opl2ofm@        ps2pdf13*       virtex@
e2pall@         kpsepath@       otangle@        ps2pdfwr*       vncconnect*
egd.pl*         kpsestat@       otp2ocp@        ps2pk@          vncpasswd*
einitex@        kpsetool@       outocp@         ps2ps*          vncserver*
elatex@         kpsewhich@      ovf2ovp@        pslatex@        vncviewer*
eps2eps*        kpsexpand@      ovp2ovf@        pv.sh*          vptovf@
epstopdf@       lambda@         patgen@         readlink@       weave@
etex@           latex@          pdf2dsc*        rubibtex@       wftopfa*
evirtex@        lprsetup.sh*    pdf2ps*         rumakeindex@

I don't think any of the linked files in my list are in yours ?

Did you do the standard teTeX install that comes from the TeXShop

What do you see if you do 'which latex' for instance?

Thanks - Michael

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