[Mac OS X TeX] teTeX install question

Troy Goodson Troy.D.Goodson at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Jul 20 16:43:46 CEST 2001

<x-flowed>At 11:47 PM +0930 7/20/01, Michael Murray wrote:
>I noticed something weird about my teTeX install tonight. It should be
>the latest one from the TeXShop site. I don't have the installer at home
>(and I'm on a 56k modem!)   so I was wondering if somebody could 
>check their install and see if it looks like mine.
>In /usr/local/bin are lots of tex related files, binaries and
>text files. If you do ls -al you can
>see most of them are links.

The contents of my /usr/local/bin are below, and none of them are 
symbolic links.

localhost% ls -F /usr/local/bin
bdftops*        fixwfwps*       mktetexlinks*   ps2ps*
dvipdf*         fixwpps*        pdf2dsc*        psbook*
eps2eps*        fixwwps*        pdf2ps*         psmerge*
epsffit*        font2c*         pdfopt*         psnup*
epstopdf*       getafm*         pf2afm*         psresize*
extractres*     gs*             pfbtopfa*       psselect*
fixdlsrps*      gsbj*           pj-gs.sh*       pstops*
fixfmps*        gsdj*           printafm*       pv.sh*
fixmacps*       gsdj500*        ps2ascii*       showchar*
fixmswrd.pl*    gslj*           ps2epsi*        sysvlp.sh*
fixpsditps*     gslp*           ps2pdf*         unix-lpr.sh*
fixpspps*       gsnd*           ps2pdf12*       wftopfa*
fixscribeps*    includeres*     ps2pdf13*
fixtpps*        lprsetup.sh*    ps2pdfwr*

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