[Mac OS X TeX] printing bug?

Paulo Abreu paulotex at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 26 12:48:09 CEST 2001


I found a strange printing behaviour under macosx. Because my printing
configuration is a bit complicated, I want to know if anyone also has the same problem or if it is just me - and my printing configuration:

my pdf files, created with TeX->DVI->PS->PDF, print with a light gray
background, from both TeXShop and Previewer, instead of a white

Here is some more info:

My printer is connected to a Linux box running CUPS as the printing
software/daemon. The printer is shared using netatalk, so that macosx sees it as
an AppleTalk printer.

If I print the pdf file from the Previewer or from TeXShop, it gets this
gray background. If I print it from the Linux box (and thus not using
netatalk and macosx) it comes out fine.

So there's something happening, either with macosx or with netatalk.
Before I start trying all kinds of different situations, I'd like to
know if this is a known issue or if anyone knows what might be



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